2024 Educator Development Award

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jan 25, 2024


American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology

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The 2024 AAAAI Educator Development Award was established to nurture aspiring leaders in education.

The proposed project should focus on:
A. Teaching
B. Assessment
C. Curriculum development
D. Including plans for dissemination of findings and  
E. Plans to continue pedagogic activities after completion of award  

As part of the award, applicants are expected to:
A. Propose plan to acquire medical educator skills and competencies
B. Engage in formal or semi-formal curriculum to achieve mastery in the science of education

a. To include adult learning and other educational learning theories, curriculum design, development and instruction, online learning and advanced technological learning modalities, coaching and mentorship, learner assessment, program design and evaluation, qualitative and quantitative research methods as it applies to educational research, educational scholarship and dissemination, and educational leadership and administration 

Read complete details about this award (pdf)