Aboriginal Languages and Cultures of the Americas

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Feb 15, 2022


Jacobs Research Funds (JRF)

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Jacobs Research Fund URL  https://depts.washington.edu/jacobsf/apply.php

The JRF supports projects involving fieldwork with living aboriginal peoples of North and South America. Priority is given to research on endangered cultures and languages, and to research on the Pacific Northwest—that is, the Pacific Ocean coast from Northern California to Alaska, plus the Columbia Plateau in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Projects that produce new data are the highest priority, including proposals to digitize, transcribe and translate old materials that might otherwise become lost or inaccessible. Projects that only process, analyze, or publish previously gathered data, whether in an archive or personal collection, are of lower priority. Most funded projects fall within linguistics (including language documentation and anthropological linguistics) or social-cultural anthropology (including folklore, social organization, political organization, and folk classification). Projects in religion, mythology, music, dance, and other arts are also eligible.