ACF Anticipated: Child Care Policy Research Partnership Grants

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May 19, 2022


Admin for Children and Families

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ACF Forecasted:  Child Care Policy Research Partnership Grants
Estimated posting date March 20, 2022

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) plans to solicit applications for Child Care Policy Research Partnership Grants. These four-year cooperative agreements will support partnerships between Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Lead Agencies in states, territories, or tribes and institutions with demonstrated research capacity to develop rigorous investigations of child care subsidy policies and practices. Sponsored projects will inform local and federal understanding about the efficacy of child care subsidy policies and practices to increase low-income families’ access to quality child care. To ensure that the funded work is timely and relevant to the current child care context, projects are expected to be collaborative from start to finish. The CCDF Lead Agency and their research partners must work together throughout all phases of the project and are encouraged to engage other local and state child care stakeholders, as appropriate. This iteration of the Child Care Policy Research Partnership Grants Program is expected to prioritize research projects exploring CCDF agencies’ policies, practices and funding initiatives that may support more equitable access to child care. Sponsored projects will be expected to participate in a consortium that will meet and communicate regularly to identify opportunities for coordination, such as common data elements and research methods, and to develop collective expertise and resources for the field. The consortium’s collaboration will support research capacity and learning within individual projects and across recipients.  For further information about prior awards made for Child Care Policy Research Partnership Grants, see