ACF Behavioral Interventions Scholars - Dissertation Research Behavioral Science, Economics Dissertation Research on Social Service Programs, Policies

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Jul 2, 2019

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Jun 3, 2019


Admin for Children and Families Office of Planning, Research, Evaluation OPRE

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Behavioral Interventions Scholars
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Letter of intent is encouraged but optional - deadline June 3, 2019
Application deadline July 2, 2019

1. Behavioral interventions within the domains of: TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the safety net; Employment and the labor market;  Job training and education; Child welfare and foster care;   Housing and homelessness;   Financial security and economic independence;   Human trafficking;  Refugee assistance; Teen pregnancy prevention; Child care; Child support; Head Start and early childhood education;  Early childhood home visiting; Family strengthening;  Family violence prevention; and   Healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood;
2. Increasing client participation and/or retention in programs and services;
3. Increasing client uptake and/or maintenance of public assistance benefits;
4. Motivating behaviors related to compliance with program rules and participation in required activities;
5. Interventions aimed at sustaining longer-term changes in habits and behaviors;
6. The respective impacts of interventions targeting clients versus those targeting caseworkers or program/service providers;
7. The respective impacts of interventions at different levels of intensity, from nudges to more systemic behaviorally informed changes;
8. The comparative effects of different types of behavioral interventions with the same goals;
9. The applicability to other contexts of behavioral interventions previously shown to work in one particular context; and
10. Implementation studies to understand how participants experience and respond to behavioral interventions.