ACF Community Services Block Grant - Human Capacity Community Transformation Initiatives

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Jul 10, 2019


Admin for Children and Families Office of Community Services

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The Office of Community Services (OCS) within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) announces that funds will be available for a cooperative agreement for the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Regional Performance and Innovation Consortium (RPIC) Human Capacity Community Transformation Initiatives. ACF Region VII
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Application Due Date:  7/10/2019

Working within the established CSBG Performance Management Framework, OCS will fund 1 Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia (RPIC) in Region VII, to serve as regional focal points for training and technical assistance (T/TA) to identify, highlight, and support multi-year community transformation efforts that move individuals, families and communities towards improving human capacity, reducing dependency and sustaining self-sufficiency. These initiatives will emphasize regional collaborative engagement between CSBG-eligible entities, state and local human services agencies, philanthropic organizations, private employers, faith-based organizations, and other community stakeholders.

To assure success in community transformation efforts, the grantee may also support ongoing statewide efforts specifically pertaining to accountability and performance management. RPIC grantees will assist CSBG Lead Agencies, State Community Action Agency (CAA) Associations, and local CSBG-eligible entities in meeting high organizational standards in the areas of consumer input and involvement, community engagement, community assessment, organizational leadership, board governance, strategic planning, human resource management, financial operations and oversight, and data and analysis.