ACS: Screening Priority Area RFA - Clinician Scientist Development Grant

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Aug 1, 2022


American Cancer Society

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Clinician Scientist Development Grant (CSDG)

This RFA, focused on testing innovative solutions to improve cancer screening and early detection, could entail better implementing existing screening tests, adapting current tests and technologies, or developing new tools. We highly encourage creative approaches that will lead to more equitable, accessible, and holistic cancer screening and early detection.


Description: Funds team science to advance cancer screening and early detection. All Team Award applications must clearly articulate how the team will synergize to accelerate scientific advancement and clinical benefit.

We define an interdisciplinary team as one having well-justified representation of diverse research skills and perspectives, not merely team members representing different departments.

Research Team: Each team must consist of at least 3 members: Lead PI and at least 1 Team Principal and 1 Team Investigator. Eligibility Requirements for all Team Members: All team members must have a doctorate degree (MD, PhD, DVM, or equivalent) and work at a college, university, medical school, or other fiscally responsible, not-for-profit research organization within the United States.

• Lead PI (no multi- or co-PIs allowed)

▪ Eligibility: An independent investigator for at least five years, who has cancer screening and early detection expertise or expertise in another discipline that is central to the proposed research and will dedicate >10% time and effort to the team project.

▪ Roles: Serves as the team leader and primary point of contact for the ACS Extramural Research Staff, ensures the team complies with the terms of the award, and oversees all organization assurances and certifications. 5 Screening Priority Area RFA May 2022

• Team Principal

▪ Eligibility: Independent investigator with at least 5-years of experience as a faculty member, who will provide diverse expertise than the Lead PI and dedicate at least 10% effort to collaboratively move a subproject forward.

▪ Roles: Leads a component of the research based on their area(s) of expertise and, together with the Lead PI, shares authority for scientific leadership.

• Team Investigator: Roles, percent effort, and career stage to be defined by Lead PI and/or Team Principal(s). A Team Investigator should have expertise that is distinct from the Lead PI and Team Principal(s). Team Investigators can be at any career stage as long as they have a terminal degree and the expertise to perform their defined role, meaning a faculty position or independent research position is not required. We highly encourage, but do not require, integrating at least 1 early-career investigator with a terminal degree (e.g., instructor, research associate, postdoctoral fellow, etc.) into the team.

Budget and Award Period: The award is for a 5-year term with up to $1.2M total costs (up to $200K a year, plus 20% allowable indirect costs).