Advancing Drug Discovery to Identify New Therapies

Sponsor Deadline: 

Mar 28, 2024


Melanoma Research Alliance

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MRA is excited to announce a new funding opportunity called Next Steps, a separate and distinct grant mechanism from the MRA’s annual RFP call for applications. The intent of this funding strategy is to help advance translation of discoveries into the clinic by supporting: 1) needed preclinical resources and tools for the research community to identify and begin to develop new therapies and 2) infrastructure to analyze and build large datasets to identify better diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers leading to hypothesis-driven research proposals for submission to MRA and other funding agencies. 

Drug discovery efforts against validated targets to support new therapeutic entity identification, optimization and testing in preclinical models, with an emphasis on targets including adapter proteins, transcription factors, cell surface proteins, etc (ie: CRKL, TERT, GAB2, YAP, LZTR, B7H3).

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