Advancing Innovation in Aging

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Jun 21, 2023


NextFifty Initiative

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Advancing Innovation in Aging Webinar: May 15 at 11:30 am (MT) to learn more about Advancing Innovation in Aging funding and how to apply. During this live webinar, the sponsor will answer questions and provide tips to help you complete a successful application. Register now to receive a link to the live session by email.

NextFifty will consider requests for:

  • Project-based support for new and/or existing innovative projects or initiatives aiming to better the lives of older adults
  • Organizations seeking to expand services into the aging space for the first time

Advancing Innovation in Aging grants will allow NextFifty Initiative to invest in new and/or ongoing innovative projects that seek to rethink how people age and/or how people think about aging. We seek to partner with organizations that are visionaries, community leaders, and educators to fuel ideas that drive improvements to the experience of aging and explore advancements in longevity within Colorado and across the nation.

NextFifty Initiative is committed to social equity and expects grantees to demonstrate performance accountability that is free from discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, color, religion, national origin, disability, military status, genetic information, or any other protected status. In addition, NextFifty Initiative seeks proposals that focus on the most underserved in the aging sector including but not limited to: communities of color, disabled, homeless, LGBTQ+, low-income, rural, immigrant/refugee, and other marginalized and/or vulnerable communities.