AHA Research on Mechanisms Underlying Cardiovascular Consequences associated with COVID-19 and Long COVID

Sponsor Deadline: 

Feb 1, 2022

Internal Deadline: 

Jan 25, 2022


American Heart Association

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Research on Mechanisms Underlying Cardiovascular Consequences Associated with COVID-19 and Long COVID
RFA   https://professional.heart.org/en/research-programs/strategically-focused-research/long-covid-cv-consequences-grant?utm_source=long%20covid%20rfa&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email+long+covid+rfa
The American Heart Association (AHA) is accepting research proposals to better understand the mechanism(s) underlying cardiac, vascular and cerebrovascular effects of COVID-19 and Long COVID, as well as mechanisms that contribute to differential susceptibility to Long COVID.
 Proposals are sought that will utilize contemporary and innovative approaches to assess tissue damage and/or dysfunction of the heart and vasculature/cerebrovascular, and/or potential associated dysregulation of various signaling pathways and systems. Proposals directed toward leveraging basic mechanistic discoveries, including identification of biomarkers, to develop therapeutic approaches for cardiovascular consequences of COVID are also of interest. Due to the heterogeneity of Long COVID, important insights into key mechanistic underpinnings and potential treatment strategies are most likely to be achieved in participant populations with well-characterized phenotypes.

UIowa Completion/Routing deadline:  January 25, 2022.
AHA deadline:  February 1, 2022.

Please complete the UI Routing Form/process to secure departmental and collegiate approvals at least five business days before the AHA submission deadline.
IMPORTANT:  In section 7, titled “Institution and Personnel,” the PI-applicants must

  • select “The University of Iowa” as the institution;
  • select “J. Martin Scholtz  email era@uiowa.edu" as the Grants Officer; and
  • select “Maria Soliman  email maria-soliman@uiowa.edu" as the Fiscal Officer.

    Selecting anything else will cause delays and could mean the application is not submitted prior to the deadline.  

For answers to questions about eligibility and award details, applicants should first review the  AHA 2022 Application Instructions  . 
Other questions from University of Iowa applicants may be directed to Mary Blackwood mary-blackwood[at]uiowa.edu, phone 335-3968, or to Tracy Titus  tracy-titus[at]uiowa.edu, phone 335-3202, in the UI Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) dsp[at]uiowa.edu.