ALS Association funding opportunities: Clinical Trials, Drug Development, Postdoc Fellowship - NOTE various deadlines

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Jul 7, 2022


ALS Association

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Clinical Trials due 7/7/22

Clinical Stage: Early to mid-phase (phase 1, phase 2a) clinical trials exploring safety or biomarkers to justify larger phase 2b or phase 3 studies. This includes single ascending dose (and multiple ascending dose) studies to assess safety/tolerability; brain penetration, or target engagement in healthy subjects and/or people living with ALS. 3

• Trial population: Can include genetic or sporadic forms of ALS, healthy subjects, and / or asymptomatic carriers.

• Therapeutic approaches: Small molecule, genetic therapies, stem-cell approaches, peptides, antibodies, antisense oligonucleotides, and others.

• The following are not appropriate for this funding opportunity:

  • Non-pharmacological or surgical interventions
  • Observational trials or natural history studies


Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Drug Development Program due 6/1/22

Both novel programs and repurposing of approved or clinically safe therapies from other disease indications are appropriate for this RFA. Studies can be performed by a contract research organization in collaboration with the PI. We are especially interested in drug discovery projects supporting the following:

• In vivo efficacy testing of therapeutic candidates (pharmacological treatments, biological therapies, or gene therapy) in models ofALS.

• Studies on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, preclinical toxicology/safety (ADME/Tox), dose-range finding, and targetengagement.

• Other IND enabling studies

Successful applications will provide strong and compelling data supporting the biological rationale for the proposed treatment and a clear plan, including essential “Go/No-Go” decision milestones, for moving the approach through the essential stages of development.

Please Note: Clinical trials will not be supported with this funding opportunity. Early drug discovery studies proposing high-throughput screening, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization will 3 also not be supported through this funding opportunity. Applications focusing on these topics will be administratively withdrawn.


Milton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship Program  due 5/10/22

We are especially interested in Fellowships supporting the following:

• Studies for new target validation including in animal models, and human cell models.

• Studies that would elucidate target or pathway biology in disease-relevant models, including defining upstream/downstream modifiers and convergence of promising target pathways.

• Studies of risk factors that could ultimately reduce the risk of developing ALS including studies of genetic risk factors, epigenetics, gene-environment interactions, lifestyle, occupational or dietary factors and epidemiology.

• Studies of new biomarker identification, and development and/or validation of biomarker assays.

• Studies to help people living with ALS, including development and/or validation of novel assistive technology and measurement of patient/caregiver/family burden.

• Studies employing analysis of omics data for purposes such as identification of disease-relevant patient subtypes, new therapeutic targets or new biomarkers. Data analyzed could come from resources including, but not limited to, PRO-ACT, Project MinE or Answer ALS.