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There are several research opportunities this spring with AHA's Get With the Guidelines Research Opportunities. Get With The Guidelines is a proven in-hospital approach to improving patient outcomes across cardiovascular and stroke focus areas.

Each Get With The Guidelines program promotes consistent adherence to the latest research-driven American Heart Association scientific guidelines and measurement, while providing data and information to professionals for continual improvement in patient care.

Get With The Guidelines® Stroke Data Challenge
Proposal Deadline: Friday, March 31, 2023
The American Heart Association invites researchers to use a novel dataset to investigate the impact of social and structural determinants of health on stroke care. Announced during the International Stroke Conference 2023, the Get With The Guidelines® – Stroke Data Challenge will award a $25,000 cash grand prize.
Learn more about the Stroke Data Challenge

Get With The Guidelines® Research Opportunities
Investigators can submit proposals to conduct research that uses the data from millions of patient records collected through AHA's national Get With The Guidelines (GWTG) Quality Programs. Approved proposals receive access to GWTG data, statistical analysis, and mentorship. Learn more about these general opportunities
•    GWTG-Atrial Fibrillation proposals due by March 15
•    GWTG-Heart Failure proposals due by March 15
•    GWTG-Stroke proposals due by May 15

Get With The Guidelines® Resuscitation Research Opportunities
Our research fuels clinical improvement. Our database expands research opportunities.
Reading Get With The Guidelines®- Resuscitation published research can help you apply the latest findings to your hospital's resuscitation processes. At the same time, your participation in Get With The Guidelines - Resuscitation opens new opportunities for your hospital to pursue research studies through access to the program database. Get details about Resuscitation Research Opportunities
Data-based research proposals are due by March 15, May 15, July 15, Sept. 15, and Nov. 15.
Get With The Guidelines® Early Career Investigator Research Seed Grant
These grants serve as steppingstones to future opportunities in research, collaboration, and scientific advancement. Recipients will receive AHA/ASA national level oversight and valuable Get With The Guidelines  Committee leadership and mentorship from key volunteer physicians. One ECI Grant will be awarded per module (Atrial Fibrillation, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Failure, Resuscitation, and Stroke). Learn more about this Early Career Investigator Research Seed Grant.
Proposals are due by Oct. 16, 2023