Army Applications Lab BAA for Disruptive Applications

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May 1, 2024


DOD Defense Army Futures Command

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Army Applications Lab BAA for Disruptive Applications

United States Army Futures Command (AFC) is focused on modernizing the Army and focuses on six priorities:
1. Long-Range Precision Fires
2. Next Generation of Combat Vehicles
3. Future Vertical Lift Platforms
4. Army Network:  Network Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence;  Assured Position Navigation and Timing
5. Air and Missile Defense Capabilities
6. Soldier Lethality,  Synthetic Training Environment

AFC has established the Army Applications Lab (AAL) to capitalize on the extended marketplace of ideas in government, academia, industry, and civilian innovation ecosystems and lead the research and development of disruptive innovations.
The three main lines of effort associated with this BAA are (1) discovery, (2) acceleration, and (3) translation of disruptive technology applications:
1. Discovery of novel capability concepts that capitalize on emerging technologies and application insights from the widest possible range of sources.
2. Acceleration of disruptive applications of technology that delivers a 2-4 times improvement over current or planned Army capabilities through the research, development, and validation of technology demonstrators.
3. Translation of breakthrough innovations that create a scalable, first-mover advantage for the Army in strategic technology areas by synchronizing knowledge
generated in the discovery and acceleration phases with key decision points across the Army Future Force Modernization Enterprise (FFME).