Army Research: Basic and Applied Scientific Research BAA

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Mar 31, 2017


Defense DOD Army Research Office ARO

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1.  Mechanical Sciences – Fluid Dynamics, Vortex-Dominated Flows, Unsteady Aerodynamics, Micro Adaptive Flow Control, Solid Mechanics, Mechanics of Heterogeneous Systems, Mechanics of Soft Materials & Biologic Systems, Complex Dynamics and Systems, Dynamics of Nonlinear and Nonconservative Systems, Morphologically Modulated Motion and Underactuation, Force Generation, Work and Power in Nonequilibrium Dynamical Systems, Propulsion and Energetics, Engines, Propellant Combustion Processes,

2. Earth Sciences - Earth Materials and Processes, Environmental Chemistry

3. Mathematics - Modeling of Complex Systems, Geometric and Topological Modeling, Small-group Social and Sociolinguistic Modeling, Probability and Statistics, Statistical Analysis and Methods, Biomathematics, Computational Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Problem Solving Environments, Embedded Simulation,  algorithms, Decision Making

4.  Electronics - Nanoelectronics and Bio-Electronics, Optoelectronics, Electronic Sensing, Electromagnetics and Circuit Integration

5. Computing Science Computer Science - Computational Architectures and Visualization, Information Processing & Fusion, Foundations of Image and Multimodal Data Analysis, Active and Collaborative Sensing, Information and Software Assurance security, Supporting Army Tactical Mission - trustworthy data, Foundations for next generation survivable systems, Trusted social computing, Principles of Moving Target Defense, Hardware Assurance, Social Informatics, Quantification and Metrics

6. Physics - Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Information Science, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Optical Physics and Fields, meta-optics, Non-Electromagnetic Fields

7. Chemistry - Chemical Sciences, Molecular Structure and Dynamics, Electrochemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Reactive Chemical Systems

8. Life Sciences – Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbial Physiology and Engineering, Neurophysiology of Cognition, Social Science and Behavioral Science

9. Materials Science - Materials by Design, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Physical Properties of Materials, Synthesis and Processing of Materials

10. Network Science – Robotics, Communication and Human Networks, Wireless Network Theory, Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks, Interactions Between Social and Communications Networks, Human Networks, Social and Cognitive Networks, Intelligent Networks, Reasoning, Collective Intelligence, Distributed Graph Algorithms, Control and Dynamical Systems Theory for Complex, Co-Evolving Networks

11.  Short Term Innovative Research Program STIR