ARPA-E Power Nitride Doping Invention Offers Devices Enabling SWITCHES PNDIODES

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jan 4, 2017


DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy

SUMMARY The PNDIODES (Power Nitride Doping Innovation Offers Devices Enabling SWITCHES) program seeks to fund transformational advances and mechanistic understanding in the process of selective area doping in the III-Nitride wide band gap (WBG) semiconductor material system and the demonstration of arbitrarily placed, reliable, contactable, and generally useable p-n junction regions that enable high-performance and reliable vertical power electronic semiconductor devices. The microscopic mechanistic understanding and transformational technologies will address the major obstacle in the fabrication of vertical GaN power electronic devices experienced by most of the teams in the ARPA-E SWITCHES (Strategies for Wide Bandgap, Inexpensive Transistors for Controlling High-Efficiency Systems) program. This challenge has been the lack of a viable GaN selective area doping or selective area epitaxial regrowth process that yields material of sufficiently high quality to enable a defect-free p-n junction on patterned GaN surfaces. Success in this area will allow further development of a revolutionary and powerful class of vertical GaN power electronic devices suitable for 1200V to 10kV broad range of applications (consumer electronics, power supplies, solar inverters, wind power, automotive, motor drives, ship propulsion, rail, and the grid). To obtain a copy of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) please go to the ARPA-E website at and search FOA number  DE-FOA-0001691.