Arthritis - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Research to Improve Health Outcomes

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Jun 30, 2021


Arthritis Foundation

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The Arthritis Foundation (AF) is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to train a diverse generation of rheumatologists and to improve health outcomes for all patients with rheumatic diseases. Two complementary initiatives are being launched in 2021.
See the Guidelines at Proposal Central

1. DEI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Research to Improve Health Outcomes - to provide seed funding to support innovative research to improve health outcomes across different ethnic groups
Eligible applicants include full-time faculty members with an interest in rheumatic diseases and/or rheumatology fellows who have completed the first year of clinical training and are embarking on their research training. Rheumatology fellows are encouraged to collaborate with an established full-time faculty member with interests in DEI research. Multi-PI proposals, including fellows, with cross-discipline expertise with at least one PI affiliated with a Division of Rheumatology are welcome.

2. Growing Diversity in the Next Generation of Rheumatologists   - To cultivate the next generation of rheumatologists that reflect the diversity of our patients, the AF is seeking innovative programs to attract underrepresented (URM) medical students and residents to Rheumatology.
Each institution can recruit a combination of the following:

  •  URM medical students for clinical Rheumatology rotations (1 month)
  •  URM medical students for Rheumatology-related research rotations (3 months)
  •  URM residents for clinical Rheumatology rotations (1 month)