Arthritis Foundation: Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Cultivating a New Generation of Rheumatologists

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Jun 6, 2022


Arthritis Foundation

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The first program aims to provide seed funding to support impactful and innovative research to improve health outcomes across different racial and ethnic groups, as well as among various categories of socioeconomic status. The second program has a goal to increase diversity in the next generation of rheumatologists, for those who are physicians or physician/scientists. The ability of proposed projects to have a lasting impact and to be sustained beyond the award period, with potential for their findings to lead directly to advocacy and to reduce structural barriers, are considered important for success. Focus on arthritis research and curriculum development is preferred.

I. Health Equity Research (AF will provide awardees up to $25,000/year for a 2-year term) While diagnostics and therapeutics have improved for many people living with rheumatic disease in the US, racial/ethnic as well as socioeconomic status disparities continue to negatively impact patient outcomes. Therefore, we welcome new research proposals to better define the contributing factors and innovative solutions to address existing disparities in care and outcomes of rheumatic diseases.

II. Curriculum Development Solutions to Growing the Diversity in the Rheumatology Workforce (AF will provide awardees up to a maximum of $34,000 over the course of one year). To cultivate the next generation of rheumatologists that reflect the diversity of our patients, the AF is seeking innovative programs to attract underrepresented (URM)* medical students and residents to Rheumatology. There are two required components for the 1-year proposal.