AUA: Rising Stars in Urology Research Award - LOI

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jul 7, 2022

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Jun 9, 2022


American Urological Association

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The Urology Care Foundation recognizes the need to enable physician-scientists with the training, tools, and resources to succeed as independent researchers in urology. Protected time to conduct research, which is typically difficult to establish when balancing urology practice needs, is a major need identified in the physician-scientist community. The Urology Care Foundation developed the Rising Stars in Urology Research Award program to encourage physician-scientists who have shown significant promise toward becoming independent investigators by successfully competing for career development awards from federal and other funding sources, and to promote their pursuit of additional urologic research education and training.

This Rising Stars in Urology Research Award program provides supplemental salary support to physician-scientist career development award recipients to ensure that their protected time for research remains stable and that their salary compensation is more competitive with their non-research urology faculty peers. Salary supplements will be awarded for a period of up to five years, commensurate with the time remaining on the existing career development award, with escalating payments each year to total up to $200,000.

To be eligible to compete for a 2022 Rising Stars in Urology Research Award, the applicant must, by September 1, 2022:

• Be a board-certified or -eligible urologist, or be participating in a training program to obtain board certification in urology.

• Hold an extramural, peer-reviewed career development award. Examples include K07, K08, or K23 awards from the National Institutes of Health, or career development-type grants from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, American Cancer Society, and others.

• Have at least two full years remaining on the period of performance for the career development award with not less than 50% protected time for research