AXA Research Fund: AXA Chairs Grant

Sponsor Deadline: 

Oct 13, 2022

Internal Deadline: 

Oct 10, 2022


AXA Research Fund

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The AXA Research Fund invites applications for its chairs programme. This supports academic institutions hosting researchers committed to improving people's life by carrying out innovative research dealing with global societal challenges related to health, environment and socio-economics. The programme aims to create an academic full time senior position in the host institution and foster a step change in the career of the appointed AXA professor.

Chair holders must have held their PhD for a minimum of 10 years and should have demonstrated research achievements. Funding is only available for academic institutions registered within AXA Research Fund's database. Host institutions can submit only one candidate for the whole institution (and not one per department, faculty or laboratory). Unsuccessful institutions will not be able to re-apply for the same candidate or research program.