CDC Forecast: Global Healthcare Detection and Response

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May 26, 2021

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Apr 26, 2021


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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CDC Forecasted:  Global Healthcare Detection and Response
anticipated deadline  May 26, 2021 

CDC solicitations are generally limited to one application per institution.  Please refer to this link on the UIowa Limited Submissions process

Fighting emerging infections, antibiotic resistance, and delivering essential medical care depends on a safe and functional healthcare system. This NOFO will enhance detection and response to emerging infectious disease threats in healthcare facilities through a global collaborative network approach. The purpose of the network is to rapidly detect and actively contain emerging infectious disease threats in healthcare settings by setting targeted priority goals for prevention, including pathogens or conditions, and working collaboratively to achieve these goals through detection and response. These objectives will be met through implementing detection and response services at local, national, and regional levels; evaluating and continually improving implementation; monitoring and assessing impact; conducting implementation science and innovation to inform strategies; enhancing laboratory capacity at key participating labs; and actively facilitating learning to other partners in the country/region.