CDMRP Anticipated: Peer Reviewed Alzheimer's Disease Research


DOD Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs

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CDMRP Forecasted: Peer-Reviewed Alzheimer's Disease Research  


Applications submitted to the FY22 PRARP must address one or more of the following Focus Areas:

  • Individual, caregiver, and family support: Research and resources focused on long-term care, quality of life, psychosocial wellness and support, and community and home resources supporting aging-in-place and community living for individuals living with dementia, their families, and care partners. Family is broadly defined to include family of choice as well. Study population diversity is strongly encouraged. Community-based participatory research inclusion is strongly preferred.
  • Environmental, Diagnostic, and Prognostic Factors: Research to better detect, diagnose, and predict long-term outcomes and risk factors associated with AD/ADRD following military service and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Research of interest may include, but is not limited to:
  • Identification and validation of biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of AD and ADRD: including but not limited to fluid, tissues, imaging, device, and psychosocial, or a combination thereof.
  • Risk and resiliency factors for development of AD/ADRD during and after military service, such as genetic, physiological, psychosocial, and life history.
  • Epidemiological studies examining TBI and/or military service-related factors, including TBI and AD/ADRD development.
  • Fundamental research to better understand the etiology, risk, and comorbidities for AD/ADRD after TBI.