CDMRP Preannouncement: Hearing Restoration Research Program


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Department of Defense Hearing Restoration Research Program HRRP
Anticipated Funding Opportunities for Fiscal Year 2020

Applications submitted to the FY20 HRRP must address one or more of the following Focus Areas:

  • Accelerate translation of biological regeneration/repair mechanisms into therapies that treat auditory system injury and restore auditory function.  For example, but not limited to:
    • Hair cell regeneration/repair/recovery
    • Neural regeneration/repair/recovery
    • Treatment for synaptopathy and hidden hearing loss
  • Diagnostic tests that help differentiate sensory, neural, synaptic, and central processing disorders, that may inform applicability and outcomes for current or future hearing restoration therapeutics.
  • Develop reliable in-vitro human models to facilitate the understanding, derivation and characterization of human auditory cells, and/or to facilitate the evaluation of hearing restoration therapies.
  • Develop and/or validate techniques/methods beyond the audiogram to diagnose acute auditory system injury in austere or remote environments.  For example, but not limited to, simple and rapid assessments that are compatible with portable platforms.