Colorectal Cancer Alliance funding opportunities - preproposal checklist required

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jul 25, 2022

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Jun 9, 2022


Colorectal Cancer Alliance

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Two opportunities: Early Career Investigator and Pilot

Based on its 2021 Research Investment Strategy, the Alliance welcomes proposals in the following areas:

  • • New targets and improved therapies: Innovative early discovery and translational research projects
  • towards novel targets and treatments that lead to cures for ever greater numbers of CRC patients.
  • • Diagnosis, prognosis, and response: Research on novel diagnostic and prognostic approaches to
  • enhance personalized treatment strategies or screening to improve outcomes.
  • • Precise and equitable implementation of screening and care: Development and evaluation of community-advised and evidence-based interventions to overcome racial and other CRC outcome disparities.

Special Emphasis Areas: For the 2022 cycle, the Alliance seeks proposals in the following areas, which are focused on current unmet clinical needs in CRC. These areas are of particular interest and will receive special consideration, and can include preclinical, translational, clinical, and/or correlative studies:

  • • Understanding the causes and improving interventions in young-onset CRC.
  • • Research to develop and apply logical combinatorial treatment strategies for patients with advanced CRC including combinations of immunologic and/or molecularly targeted agents.
  • • Studies that elucidate the prognostic and therapeutic value of the microbiome in early- and late-stage disease.
  • • Investigations to understand the causes and develop interventions to overcome racial and ethnic disparities toward more equitable CRC outcomes.