Combat Readiness-Medical Research: Rapid Development and Translational Research Award

Sponsor Deadline: 

Oct 23, 2019

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Oct 23, 2019



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FY19 Combat Readiness-Medical Research Program (CRRP) - Rapid Development and Translational Research Award
Preapplication due Oct. 23, 2019

Applications submitted to the FY19 CRRP must address at least one of the following four Focus Areas:

  • Scalable solutions for wound care that can address prevention of bleeding, infection, and acute pain; delivery of therapeutics (including non-opioid solutions for pain); and promotion of healing
  • Decision-support solutions, such as algorithms, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and/or telemedicine, for triage and management of severely injured Warfighters, to include management and monitoring of:
    • Hemorrhage and resuscitation (i.e., airway management, control of bleeding, sedation, etc.)
    • Acute pain
    • Multi-casualty events when delayed evacuation exceeds available capability and/or capacity, in order to extend provider capabilities
  • Solutions that address hemorrhage control, including:
    • Non-compressible torso hemorrhage
    • Alternatives to optimize logistics and administration of blood products to the Warfighter
  • Wearable sensors with broader multiple capabilities to identify and monitor medical management of injuries, to include:
    • Environmental exposures
    • Onset of infection, including sepsis
    • Physiological status (heart rate, blood pressure, respiration), stress monitoring tools
    • Neurological injury
    • Point-of-care imaging