COVID-19 Efforts by the MTEC Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium


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Subject:  MTEC COVID-19 Efforts - Clarification
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The University of Iowa is a member of MTEC Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium

MTEC anticipates releasing several COVID-19 RPPS. The first pre-announcement that was released lumped several initiatives together. Since we are issuing separate RPPS we decided to take the pre-announcement down from site because it contained outdated information.

Pre-Announcements are posted here: 
Once they are open RPPS are posted here with all the details: (due dates/format/submission info etc.)

Here is a high level overview of the COVID-19 efforts we are working on. Please be patient and just monitor the MTEC website for additional details when they come out.

 20-09-COVID-19 Development of Treatments for COVID-19     Amendment 1

Pre-Announcement Released: 
20-10-COVID-19_NETCCN Telehealth patient management to monitor and direct care to non-hospital settings

Potential Upcoming:

  • Treatment of COVID-19 related Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Acute Lung Injury
  • Technologies to reduce medical workforce burden and maximize resource utilization
  • Point-of-care diagnostics to rapidly ID infected individuals
  • Predictive analytics that can forecast potential hot spots and empower decision makers response actions