CRI Immuno-Informatics Postdoctoral Fellowship

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Mar 1, 2023


Cancer Research Institute CRI

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There is a burgeoning need in cancer immunology for scientists with expertise and understanding in both quantitative and biological sciences. The combination of these two areas of research is seen as critical next steps to fuel the discovery of new immunotherapies. 

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) Immuno-Informatics Postdoctoral Fellowship Program aims to support qualified young scientists at academic research institutions around the world who wish to receive dual training in immunology and data science. The fellowships will support both computational biologists who seek to strengthen their knowledge of immunology and cancer immunologists who seek training in computational biology, data science, and/or genomics under the mentorship of world-renowned scientists in these disciplines. We will also consider applicants from diverse PhD fields who will train at the interface of cancer immunology and computational biology. The program is designed to train and equip the next generation of scientists with the knowledge and practical tools to pursue novel research ideas bridging immunology and computational biology.