Crop Science: Fighting Pests, Preserving Biodiversity; Precision Agriculture; Reducing Chemicals in the Soil

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Oct 30, 2020


Bayer Crop Science

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 Fighting Pests while Preserving Biodiversity - identify gene or protein expression, activity, regulation, such as promoter sequences and gene regulatory elements; optimize native crop genes; controlled-release technologies; artificial intelligence applications in active ingredient discovery and optimization; enabling technologies in areas such as phenotyping and genetic recombination.
Deadline October 30, 2020.

Accelerating Precision Agriculture - seeking digital tools for collecting, transmitting and analyzing data, and data platforms for measuring and predicting agronomic performance.
Deadline October 30, 2020.

Reducing Chemical Input and Enhancing Soil Health - genetic traits that increase yield; microbial biostimulants; biological nematode control; biological pesticides and  fungicides. Also seeking for non-agricultural: lawns, gardens, ornamental plants and turf grass
Deadline October 30, 2020.