CURE Epilepsy Catalyst and Partnership opportunities - LOI required

Sponsor Deadline: 

Sep 13, 2022

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Jun 21, 2022


CURE Epilepsy

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The purpose of this funding opportunity is to stimulate and accelerate discovery and development of new, transformative therapies for epilepsy, moving promising, well-supported preclinical and/or clinical research closer to clinical application. The award is intended to support nimble development of data necessary to attract larger commercialization funding opportunities and is not intended to replace those opportunities. Projects based on novel biological pathways and/or highly differentiated therapeutic approaches which are likely to have a high probability of successfully transitioning to clinical development are strongly encouraged. The award is not intended to fund basic research on the mechanisms underlying epilepsy.

Projects supported by this award mechanism should advance research to clinical trial readiness through development of biomarkers, optimization of new entities based on entities with established proof-ofconcept including pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, safety profiles, and/or improved formulations, as well as studies that advance preclinical findings to pilot clinical trials. Proof-of-concept of the entity being developed is required. Proposals lacking proof-of-concept data will not be evaluated.

Prospective pilot clinical trials where limited testing of a novel intervention is needed to inform the next step in the translational research may be considered. Priority areas include:

  • • Innovative approaches to prevent, modify and/or arrest the development of acquired epilepsy.
  • • Development of novel approaches to prevent the onset or halt the progression of severe pediatric epilepsies.
  • • New, effective treatments for the >30% of the epilepsy population who are pharmaco-resistant.
  • • Translational or clinical approaches aimed at normalizing sleep disturbances or circadian rhythms to treat seizures.
  • • New approaches, biomarkers, or therapies to predict and/or prevent SUDEP.

Rare Epilepsy Partnership Award:

Rare Epilepsy Partnership Award (1 year / $100,000) will support the development of necessary research tools, techniques, model systems, and data collection platforms to stimulate and accelerate research on rare epilepsies. Each award will be co-funded by CURE Epilepsy and one or more of the rare epilepsy advocacy groups (partners) identified in the Request For Proposals. Applications must focus on one or more of the specific rare epilepsies that are represented by each group as well as address CURE Epilepsy’s mission to cure epilepsy.