CureSearch Catapult Award: Clinical Trial Awards in Pediatric Cancer - LOI required

Sponsor Deadline: 

Oct 11, 2022

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Aug 29, 2022


CureSearch for Children's Cancer

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The Catapult Award is currently soliciting proposals for its 2022 award cycle. CureSearch for Children’s Cancer will review and fund projects advancing promising therapies for pediatric cancer into or further along in clinical development, and that show a strong potential for future approval and commercialization. Awards will be granted for 1-3 years, based on the needs of the project. The Catapult Award will provide funding support, as requested, up to $2.5M for the entire award period, for “clinic-ready” projects that fit the following parameters:

• Phase 1 or Phase 2 pediatric clinical trials that seek to test single or combination therapies for a pediatric cancer indication.

• Preference will be given to projects that address areas of high unmet need in pediatric oncology such as high-risk, relapsed, and metastatic disease and adolescent and young adult patient populations.

• All pediatric clinical trial projects should be either IND-ready (that is, with 3 sufficient data to support the submission and approval of an IND or INDequivalent), available for clinical trial use under an existing, active IND (or IND-equivalent), or having already gained approval by the FDA or other competent regulatory authority for an adult indication, but having not been studied in pediatric oncology indications.

• All pediatric clinical trial projects are expected to meet the following established milestones: enrollment of first patient in the first year, completion of patient accrual within the second year and manuscript submission by the end of the third year of funding.

• For “first in human” clinical studies, all pre-clinical pharmacology and nonhuman safety and toxicology studies should be completed.

• CureSearch has a strong interest in collaborative projects that leverage existing regulatory guidelines or governmental programs that require or reward research in the development of new therapies for pediatric patients. Collaborative projects between academia and industry are strongly encouraged.