Curing Kids Cancer - Innovative Research Opportunity

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Oct 10, 2023


Curing Kids Cancer

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Goal and Focus

The goal of these grants is to overcome barriers to clinical application of new treatment approaches for childhood cancer. A priority is to fund projects that have already shown great promise, but that have a specific funding need to move forward. The three main focus areas for this RFP are:

• Cancer immunotherapy/Targeted therapy

• High-grade brain tumors or other difficult to treat cancers

• Therapeutic targeting through genomics/epigenetics Applications of novel technologies in these areas are welcome.

General Guidelines and Eligibility

• Two types of one-year grants to be awarded: o Collaborative: Up to 1 multi-institutional collaborative grant of $300,000 will be awarded § There must be at least 2 collaborating divisions of pediatric hematology/oncology § A collaborative project can either include a new proposal or a proposal where preliminary data has already been gathered o Individual: 2-4 individual grants of $150,000 each will be awarded

• Limit of one application per institution for either the Collaborative or the Individual grant with the endorsement of the Division Chief of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology.

* Applications to fund correlative studies associated with clinical trials in the focus areas will be considered. Funding for the associated clinical trial must have already been secured and applications must include a description of the developmental pathway for the therapeutic approach.