DARPA Young Faculty Award: Physical Sciences, Engineering, Materials, Mathematics, Biology, Computing, Informatics, Social Science, Manufacturing relevant to Defense Sciences Office

Sponsor Deadline: 

Dec 4, 2017


DOD Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA-RA-17-01

UI Contact: 

FedBizOpps  https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=a35ed12671b7cd68049...
Grants.gov   https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=297218

Young Faculty Award YFA   DARPA-RA-17-01

Topic areas:

  1. Designing Ungameably Complex Games,
  2. Topological Photonics,
  3. Artificial Intelligence for Materials Discovery,
  4. Transformative Radiation Sensing,
  5. Engineered Interactions with the Energy of the Vacuum,
  6. Novel Methods for Nonsurgical Brain Interfaces,
  7. Self-forming Chronic Central Nervous System (CNS) Neural Interfaces,
  8. The Minimal Plant: Engineering Plants for Easy Biosynthetic Pathway Design with High Modularit,
  9. Antifouling Solutions for Large, Nonplanar Optical Surfaces,
  10. Replicating Cell-Cell Information Transfer,
  11. Programmable DNA Repair for Improved Genome Editing Outcomes,
  12. Efficient Integrated Nanophotonics,
  13. Adversarial Artificial Intelligence (AI),
  14. Developing Intelligent Sensors for Fentanyl and Related Toxins,
  15. High Quality Atomic Traps and Waveguides,
  16. Wideband Efficiency in Millimeter Wave Power Amplifiers,
  17. Materials and Actuator Innovation for Small Scale Mobility and Manipulation,
  18. Reducing Software Attack Surface through Compiler-Rewriter Cooperation,
  19. Computational Models of the Spread of False or Misleading Information,
  20. Big Data Summarization,
  21. Decentralized Control of Networked Unmanned Autonomous Systems,
  22. REsilience through COmposable Logistics (RECOiL),
  23. Wide Area Sensing Using the Internet of Things,
  24. Tactical Terrain Analysis,
  25. Thermostructural Sensitivity to Uncertainties,
  26. Swarm Intent Understanding.