Dept of State - America Works in Russia; Sharing America with Russia; Same Planet; Media and Information

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Jun 1, 2021

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May 3, 2021


Dept of State Embassy in Moscow

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Dept of State -  America Works in Russia
Public Affairs Section PAS announces “America Works in Russia,” which supports American and Russian engagement in the area of business, entrepreneurship, and higher education.

Dept of State  - Sharing America with Russia
Public Affairs Section PAS announces “Sharing America with Russia,” which supports the promotion of American culture, education, freedoms, values, and collaboration between Americans and Russians.

Dept of State - Same Planet
PAS Moscow invites proposals for projects that promote innovation, advancement, and collaboration between Russia and the United States in the areas of community and regional health, science, technology, the environment, and energy.

Media and Information in Russia
Journalism: Promote improved investigative journalism and raise awareness of how investigative journalism can identify issues of social concern and report on illegal, irregular, or abusive actions; Examine the rights and responsibilities of a free press in a democratic society.
Information: Improve access to information to Russians, especially young Russians and those from traditionally underrepresented or at-risk communities; Create toolkits to better detect misinformation and disinformation.