Dept of State COVID-19 Private Sector Engagement and Partnership Fund

Sponsor Deadline: 

Aug 27, 2021


Dept of State Office of Global Partnerships, USAID

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Dept of State   COVID-19 Private Sector Engagement & Partnership Fund

The Office of Global Partnerships will accept concept papers throughout the open period and will review concept papers on a rolling basis. Concept papers will be reviewed within 30 days from the date of receipt of the concept paper. Selected applicants will be notified and invited to submit a full proposal within 45 days from the date of submission of the concept paper. Selected applicants will have 45 days from the date of notification by E/GP to submit a full proposal. The closing date for this announcement is 11:59PM Eastern Time on August 27, 2021.

Applicants must first submit a concise (5-page) concept paper designed to clearly communicate their program idea and objectives. Applicants may submit more than one concept paper in response to this APS Annual Program Statement. This is not a full proposal.  After merit review of eligible concept papers, selected applicants will be invited to expand on their program idea(s) by submitting a full proposal application.

Through this Annual Program Statement APS, the Department of State (DOS) announces its desire to engage private sector partners to expand and amplify the Department’s COVID-19 response. This APS is being done in partnership the U.S. Agency for International Development. The Fund seeks to support private sector interventions and build upon private sector investments in response to the virus. The DOS broadly categorizes the private sector to include: U.S. corporations, foreign corporations, foundations, faith-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society groups, Diaspora groups, service organizations, universities and other institutions of learning.

The Fund will leverage private sector contributions, technology and innovations, and pivot The Department of State’s approach to how we provide technical assistance to scale up readiness and response operations in emerging markets and developing countries.
DOS and USAID have jointly developed a four pillar COVID-19 response strategy:
1. Protect American citizens overseas and maintain continuity of U.S. government operations;
2. Prevent, prepare for, respond to, and bolster health systems to address COVID-19 and re-emergence;
3. Prevent, prepare for, respond to COVID-19 in existing complex emergency responses and address potential humanitarian consequences of COVID-19;
4. Prepare for, mitigate and address second order economic, security, stabilization impacts of COVID-19 and prevent development backsliding.
The Fund will exclusively support public-private partnership programs that align with the fourth pillar.