Dept of State Fomenting Research Partnerships between the US and Dominican Republic

Sponsor Deadline: 

May 31, 2021

Internal Deadline: 

May 13, 2021


Dept of State Embassy in Santo Domingo

UI Contact: 

Dept of State -  Fomenting Research Partnerships between the US and the Dominican Republic

Dept. of State DOS solicitations generally limit the number of applications that may go forward in response to a specific solicitation. 
Prospective applicants from the UI who wish to apply to a DOS program that limits the number of applications allowed per institution must refer to the UI Limited Submissions guidelines at

The goal of this higher education research partnership program is to connect higher education institutions from the United States and the Dominican Republic to conduct joint research and capacity building focused on issues exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, including including gender-based violence, public health, environment, climate change, energy, democracy, transparency, citizen security, LGBTQI rights, and access to education for vulnerable populations. This program will increase research, dialogue and training for students, faculty and researchers at Dominican and U.S. higher education institutions. The project will provide training related to planning and implementing a research project and must include U.S. content as part of the proposal. Proposals should also include webinars that are open to the public and showcase the U.S. and Dominican higher education research partnership. Proposals must highlight how they plan on becoming sustainable and evolve into a long lasting partnership following grant completion.