Dept of State Public Diplomacy with Serbia

Sponsor Deadline: 

Mar 31, 2022

Internal Deadline: 

Mar 1, 2022


Dept of State Embassy in Belgrade

UI Contact: 

Public Diplomacy Section PDS Belgrade Serbian-American Cooperation Grants
US Embassy in Serbia website:

Dept. of State DOS solicitations generally limit the number of applications that may go forward in response to a specific solicitation. 
Prospective applicants from the UI who wish to apply to a DOS program that limits the number of applications allowed per institution must refer to the UI Limited Submissions guidelines at

Public Diplomacy Section PDS welcomes proposals for creative, engaging projects that align with the U.S. Embassy’s main objectives. That includes strengthening the Serbian-U.S. relationship and explaining U.S. culture, society, values, and policies to Serbian audiences. The Embassy is also working with Serbia’s government, civil society, business community, and other partners on promoting economic development and fighting brain drain; strengthening democracy, including through supporting civic participation; encouraging a free press and human rights; and advancing regional stability and cooperation. Progress in those areas should assist Serbia on the path toward its stated goal of European Union (EU) membership.