Dept of State Public Diplomacy with Uganda

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jun 30, 2021

Internal Deadline: 

Jun 1, 2021


Dept of State U.S. Mission to Uganda

UI Contact: 

U.S. Mission to Uganda Annual Program Statement for Fiscal Year 2021 ending September 30, 2021

Dept. of State DOS solicitations generally limit the number of applications that may go forward in response to a specific solicitation. 
Prospective applicants from the UI who wish to apply to a DOS program that limits the number of applications allowed per institution must refer to the UI Limited Submissions guidelines at

The objectives of the Public Diplomacy Grant Program are to promote positive relations between the people of Uganda and the United States; reinforce shared values; and connect Uganda’s emerging leaders (aged 16 to 35) to the American people through projects that:

  •  Help Ugandan youth, especially young women, explore and discover their potential through innovative science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM,) programs, as well as entrepreneurship programs.
  •  Encourage Ugandan youth to participate in civic life through social entrepreneurship, volunteerism, and community engagement.
  •  Strengthen understanding of U.S. values and institutions; highlight U.S. culture, including American Studies; and support diversity, acceptance of minority groups, and other areas of mutual interest.
  •  Demonstrate the power of the arts to promote positive self-expression, social change, and economic opportunity.
  •  Promote the application of new technologies to address economic, environmental, and social challenges of shared concern.