Doctoral Field Research and Exploration - Lewis and Clark Fund

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Nov 15, 2021


American Philosophical Society APS

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American Philosophical Society APS

Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research. Applications are invited from doctoral students in disciplines with a large dependence on field studies, such as archaeology, anthropology, biology, ecology, geography, geology, linguistics, paleontology, and population genetics, but grants will not be restricted to these fields.
Letters of support deadline November 11, 2021. Deadline for applications  November 15, 2021.
Graduate students and postdoctoral and junior scientists wishing to pursue projects in astrobiological field studies should consult the program description and application forms for the Lewis and Clark Fund in Exploration and Field Research in Astrobiology.

Franklin Research Grants for Fieldwork Leading to Publication in All Areas  - annual deadlines October 1 and December 1. 
The Franklin program is particularly designed to help meet the costs of travel to libraries and archives for research purposes; the purchase of microfilm, photocopies, or equivalent research materials; the costs associated with fieldwork; or laboratory research expenses.

The John Hope Franklin Dissertation Fellowship is designed to support an outstanding doctoral student at an American university or an exceptional American doctoral student abroad who is completing the dissertation.