DOD Air Force Research Materials and Manufacturing BAA

Sponsor Deadline: 

Apr 18, 2021

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Apr 18, 2021


Defense Air Force Research Lab AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate

UI Contact: 

Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Functional Materials and Applications (AFRL/RXA) Open BAA – preapplication required

a.  Nanoelectronic Materials Core Competencies:
 (i) Agile Radio Frequency (RF) Electronic Materials (ARFEM) Research; (ii) Integrated Photonics & Opto-electronic Materials & Processing Research.

b. Soft Matter Materials Core Competencies:
 (i) Flexible Materials and Devices Research; (ii) Biomaterials Materials and Processes Research:

c. Photonic Materials Core Competencies:
 (i) Optical Materials and Processes Research; (ii) Hardened Materials and Processing Research; (iii) Photonic Materials Applied Research

d. Rapid Research and Development for Warfighter Needs Core Competency:
 (i) Rapid Research and Development for Warfighter Needs