DOD Airman Readiness Medical Research Hybrid BAA

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May 1, 2025


DOD Defense Air Force Research Lab AFRL

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AFRL Warfighter Medical Optimization Division -  Airman Readiness Medical Research (ARMR) Hybrid BAA


The Warfighter Medical Optimization Division (RHM) intends to solicit White Papers under this announcement with the focus of conducting medical research in support of optimizing of the warfighter by enabling, enhancing, restoring, and sustaining the Airman to more effectively execute the Air Force mission.
This medical research objective is dual natured: (1) ensure medical availability of Airmen by analyzing attributes (sensory, behavioral, physiologic) and operational environments (chemical, physical, psychological, biological, radiological stressors) to drive optimal performance of Airmen engaged in high-demand, high-impact mission tasks (2) investigate how the flight environment affects the process of life, the ability to maintain homeostasis, and the risk for injury or secondary insult, seeking to ameliorate these stressors to optimize Airman health and performance.