DOD Army Combat Capabilities Development Command BAA - concept paper

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Feb 28, 2025


DOD Defense Army Combat Capabilities Development Command - Soldier Center

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US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Broad Agency Announcement
W911QY20R0022   W911QY-20-R-0022

Our goal is to provide the American Warfighter the best equipment for the best price through research, development and engineering in the areas of:
 • Combat Feeding Equipment and Systems;
• Combat Ration Research and Development (R&D);
• Warfighter Systems Technologies;
• Shelters and Life Support technologies for Contingency Basing;
• Airdrop - Advanced Personnel and Cargo Airdrop Systems;
• Textile Technologies;
• Modeling and Simulation;
• Neuroepidemiology;
• Warfighter Advanced Technologies.
• Technology Enabled Capability Demonstrations 

Added by  Travis Klopfenstein  <>  on 9/23/2020

This BAA contains many areas directly related to ITI research. Topics of interest in this announcement:
Food & Rations for Austere Environments

  • Protective equipment & Injury diagnostic / assessment tools (including modeling & simulations)
  • Multi-function materials / nanotechnology

Lots of Modeling & Simulation 

  • Individual Ground Soldier & Small Unit (Natick)
  • Cognitive workload


  • Body-Worn Systems, Hand Held Devices, Smart-Lightweight Electronic Components, and Information processing (Dr. Darkow at Natick)
  • Biomechanics: There is a need for detailed information on the forces acting on the Soldiers’ musculoskeletal system as well as how their gait, range of motion, rates of movement, energy expenditure, stamina, and ability to detect and react to threats are affected by their load and its distribution on the body, the terrain and grade of the environment, and obstacles presented by the environment. (Mr. John Ramsay, Natick)
  • Anthropometry (Ms Karen Gregorczyk – she spoke at our Iowa Virtual Human Summit)
  • Warrior Performance: Concentration on the cognitive aspects of individual warrior performance is lagging. (Dr. Caroline Mahoney, Natick)
  • Power sources
  • Technology Assessment and Simulation Tools
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Simulation