DOD ONR Communications and Networks Discovery and Invention BAA FY2017 - white paper

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jun 23, 2016

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Jun 23, 2016


Defense Office of Naval Research

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White papers for potential FY17 Exploratory Development/Applied Research (Budget category 6.2) projects are sought under the following focus areas:
1. Compact and deployable circular polarization antenna in the UHF-, X-, or Ka-, band with high radiation efficiency and adaptive gain pattern for multi-U form factor cubesatellite communications.
2. Near-capacity (Shannon) wideband communications mode operation over multi-channel AESA pulsed radar hardware chain (beamformer - T/R module - antenna array). Potential challenges for high bit rate communications include, amongst others, novel coding/modulation schemes resilient to saturated nonlinear power amplifier regimes, exploitation of pulse-to-pulse phase coherence and MIMO.
3. Enhanced waveform and diversity techniques including innovative tracking for mobile troposcatter (C- to Ku- bands). S&T focus on solutions that can reuse existing apertures, minimally impact HW, and permit modular upgrade.
4. Robust and (throughput) efficient wireless medium access mechanisms for mobile LPI/LPD network communications operating under high dynamic range, and high-interference rejection (e.g., spectral underlay), receive conditions.
5. Mechanisms to guarantee delivery of traffic across a multi-hop ad-hoc network within a specified latency; optimization of traffic based on multiple parameters (e.g., priority, latency, jitter, etc.); multi-path TCP implementations that are cognizant of variations in path characteristics and traffic priority, and do not impact application performance; store/forward and disruption-tolerant network implementations across a cipher-text core