DOD Science and Technology for Advanced Manufacturing Projects

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Nov 30, 2022


Defense Office of Naval Research ONR

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Science & Technology for Advanced Manufacturing Projects (STAMP)
This announcement replaces N00014-21-S-B0002 dated 1 November 2020 This announcement will remain open until 30 November 2022 or until replaced by a successor BAA, whichever comes first.

The Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology Program (ManTech) is the Defense Department’s investment mechanism for staying at the forefront of defense-essential manufacturing capability. The Program develops technologies and processes for the affordable and timely production and sustainment of defense systems. The Program impacts all phases of acquisition. It aids in achieving reduced acquisition and total ownership costs by developing, maturing, and transitioning key manufacturing technologies. ONR will focus investments on those that have the most benefit to the warfighter and include quick-hitting, rapid response projects to address immediate manufacturing needs. The ManTech Program targets the needs of our warfighters and weapon system programs by helping to find and implement affordable low-risk solutions.
The ManTech Program:
 Provides the crucial link between technology invention and development and industrial applications;
 Matures and validates emerging manufacturing technologies to support low-risk implementation in industry and DoD facilities, for example depots and shipyards;
 Addresses production issues from system development through transition to production and sustainment;
 Disseminates information concerning improved manufacturing improvement concepts, including information on such matters as best manufacturing practices, product data exchange specifications, computer-aided acquisition and logistics support, and rapid acquisition of manufactured parts; and
 Sustains and enhances the skills and capabilities of the manufacturing work force.