DOD Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics STEM Education, Outreach, Workforce Program. N00014-21-S-F004 due 5/28/21; N00014-21-F-F005 closes 3/30/22

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Mar 30, 2022


Defense DOD, Dept of Navy, Office of Naval Research ONR

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N00014-21-S-F004  FY21 Department of Navy Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), Education and Workforce Program
Mandatory White Paper due May 28, 2021.

While this announcement is relevant for any stage of the STEM educational system, funding efforts will be targeted primarily toward projects addressing the below communities or any combination of these communities:
Secondary education communities;
Post-Secondary communities;
Informal science communities; and
Current Naval STEM workforce communities.

Broad priority areas are as follows: Augmented Warfighter Integrated & Distributed Forces Operational Endurance Sensing & Sense-Making Scalable Lethality

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Office of Naval Research ONR Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education, Outreach, and Workforce Program
Dept of Defense DOD Office of Naval Research ONR
FOA proposals may be submitted at any time during this period. Selections for award will be made throughout this FOA open period of March 31, 2021 through March 30, 2022.

As the capacity of the Department of the Navy Science and Technology (S&T) workforce is interconnected with STEM education and outreach, ONR recognizes the need to support efforts that can jointly improve STEM student outcomes and align education and outreach efforts with Naval S&T current and future workforce needs.
This FOA N00014-21-F-F005 is specifically seeking STEM education and outreach projects that address scientific and technical areas identified in the following thrust areas.

  • STEM cybersecurity education and cyber awareness focused on 6th to 12th grade students. In particular, efforts that: Stimulate analytical/thinking skills Target age groups may require different levels of educational tools.
  • STEM interests supporting warfighter performance include: Human Physiology and Performance Medical and Biology Bio-centric Technologies Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy Training and Education Social and Cultural Command and Control
  • ONR Global STEM interests include: Materials Engineering, in particular, corrosion Medical Sciences, Mental health and Physical healthArtificial intelligence Alternate Position Navigation & TimeSelf-paced software coding course for students in grades 6 through 12Courses to expose students to job opportunities available to computer programmers and software engineers
  • Naval Accelerator STEM interests include a broad range of STEM educational and training opportunities for career and workforce development, including but not limited to Internships for veterans and underrepresented groups in STEM. National security innovation and entrepreneurial education programs  Coordinating and partnering with activities and organizations that employ Hacking for Defense, and related efforts