DOD Silicon Carbide Advanced Packaging of Power Semiconductors II

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Oct 6, 2017


DOD Defense Army Materiel Command

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Silicon Carbide Advanced Packaging of Power Semiconductors II

Army Research Labs ARL is soliciting proposals under this Special Notice of the BAA for the performance of applied research focused on extending the state-of-the-art in multi-die packaging of semiconductor devices for high-power applications. The aim of this Special Notice under the BAA is to address the current limitations of conventional packaging and support the recent advancements in silicon carbide (SiC) power device technology for military and commercial applications. Wide bandgap power semiconductors, such as SiC, have emerged with properties that allow them to far surpass the performance of conventional silicon (Si) power technology and make them prime candidates for next-generation high-power switching devices for military, as well as commercial, applications. SiC power devices have demonstrated greater than twice the power density of Si power devices and at greater efficiency. Traditional power packaging approaches are now the limiting factor in fully realizing the performance benefits offered by SiC power device technology. Conventional power packaging has a number of opportunities for improvement including, but not limited to, parasitic inductance, heat removal capability, reliability (wirebonds, DBC, large area contacts), transient thermal mitigation, planar packaging, and standard subtractive manufacturing. Solutions are sought for the development of holistic, multiphysics approaches to power module development that address electrical, thermal and thermomechanical issues in a coupled manner to realize the full performance of SiC semiconductor devices.