DOE Concentrating Solar-Thermal Power 2022 - Research, Development, Demonstration Program - concept paper

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Mar 16, 2022

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Mar 16, 2022


DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office

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Concentrating Solar-Thermal Power Fiscal Year 2022 Research, Development, and Demonstration Program
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Mandatory Concept paper due March 16, 2022.

Topic Area 1: Concentrating Solar Thermal for Industrial Decarbonization  -  The focus of this topic is to enable concentrating solar thermal (CST) energy generation coupled with thermal energy storage (TES) to be integrated with high-temperature process technologies to produce economically important products, like steel, cement, ammonia, fuels, and other chemicals and fuels.

Topic Area 2: Concentrating Solar-thermal Particle Technologies for Generation 3 CSP and Beyond (Gen3++)   -   This topic area builds on learnings from the Solar Energy Technologies Office's Gen3 CSP program. Within the Gen3 CSP program, systems using particles as the heat transfer media have been shown to be viable for operation at temperatures above 700°C. Responsive applications to this Topic Area will describe the development of particle based CST technologies.