DOE Entanglement Management and Control in Transparent Optical Quantum Networks - LOI

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Apr 5, 2021

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Apr 5, 2021


DOE Energy Office of Science Advanced Scientific Computing Research ASCR

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Entanglement Management and Control in Transparent Optical Quantum Networks
Required Letter of Intent due April 5, 2021

The focus of this FOA is on entanglement traffic engineering - the scalable management and control of a large pool of quantum entangled states carried over multi-hop multi-user optical quantum networks. This announcement is based on the vision of universal transparent quantum networks described in the quantum networks for science workshop report  and on an earlier SC program announcement to the national laboratories focusing on the development of basic network components such as quantum transductions, quantum frequency converters, quantum repeaters, and generic quantum networks nodes hosting Quantum Information Science (QIS) applications. The ultimate aim is to develop quantum network capabilities to support the vision articulated in the quantum internet blueprint workshop report. While a universal transparent optical quantum network should be able to allow users to distribute different entangled states (including squeezed states), the interest in this announcement is on bipartite hybrid Discrete Variable/Continuous Variable (DV/CV)  entanglement.

Applications that focus on the theoretical foundation of entanglement engineering in quantum networks described above are welcomed; however, priority will be given to applications that emphasize both theoretical and - potential uses of their research results in a quantum network testbed. This FOA seeks to advance understanding of how entanglement operates in quantum networks: The engineering challenges of how to optimize a quantum network will build on this foundation of basic research.