DOE High-Energy-Density Laboratory Plasma Science - LOI

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Dec 28, 2021

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Dec 28, 2021


DOE Office of Science, National Nuclear Security Admin NNSA

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DOE High-Energy-Density Laboratory Plasma Science 


The LOI is required (p. 11 of the PDF) - deadline is Dec. 28, 2021

Generally, HEDLP research is directed at exploring the behavior of matter at extreme conditions of temperature, density, and pressure, including laboratory astrophysics and planetary science, structure and dynamic of matter at the atomic scale, laser-plasma interactions and relativistic optics, magneto hydrodynamics (MHD) and magnetized plasmas, and plasma atomic physics and radiation transport.
The specific areas of interest are:
1. HED Hydrodynamics
2. Radiation-Dominated Dynamics and Material Properties
3. Nonlinear Optics of Plasmas and Laser-Plasma Interactions
4. Relativistic HED Plasmas and Intense Beam Physics
5. Warm Dense Matter

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