DOE Innovative Geothermal Technologies - LOI

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Mar 2, 2020

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Mar 2, 2020


DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy EERE

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FY 2020 Geothermal Technologies Office Hydrothermal and Low Temperature Multi-Topic Funding Opportunity

This multi-topic funding opportunity aims to drive down costs and risks associated with the discovery of hidden geothermal systems in the Basin & Range region of the U.S., and to enhance energy system resilience through the utilization of Reservoir Thermal Energy Storage (RTES), Deep Direct-Use (DDU) and other geothermal direct use applications on university campuses, military installations, hospital complexes, and other large energy end-uses across the U.S.
The topic areas will be:
Topic Area 1 – Exploration RD&D: Hidden Geothermal Systems in the Basin and Range
Topic Area 2 – Advanced Energy Storage Initiative (AESI): Bi-directional Energy Storage Using Low-Temperature Geothermal Applications