DOE Nuclear Stockpile Stewardship Science Academic Alliances Program

Sponsor Deadline: 

Apr 30, 2017


DOE Energy National Nuclear Security Admin NNSA


The Stewardship Science Academic Alliances (SSAA) Program was established in 2002 to support state-of-the-art research at U.S. academic institutions in areas of fundamental physical science and technology of relevance to the SSP mission. The SSAA Program provides the research experience necessary to maintain a cadre of trained scientists at U.S. universities to meet the nation’s current and future SSP needs, with a focus on those areas not supported by other federal agencies. It supports the DOE/NNSA’s priorities both to address the workforce specific needs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and to support the next generation of professionals who will meet those needs.

The Office of Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation announces their interest in receiving applications for new or renewal cooperative agreement financial assistance awards for Centers of Excellence for research in the Stewardship Science Academic Alliances (SSAA) Program. The research areas of interest in the SSAA Program are: properties of materials under extreme conditions and/or hydrodynamics (condensed matter physics and materials science, and fluid dynamics); low energy nuclear science; radiochemistry; and high energy density physics. Only applications for cooperative agreements awards will be accepted for this solicitation, no grant applications will be considered.