DOE Quantum-Enabled Bioimaging and Sensing Approaches for Bioenergy preapplication

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Jan 14, 2022


Energy DOE Office of Science

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Quantum-Enabled Bioimaging and Sensing Approaches for Bioenergy
Required preapplication due January 14, 2022.

The DOE Office of Science SC program in Biological and Environmental Research BER seeks to advance our understanding of bioimaging by using new quantum science-enabled areas that could resolve limitations of classical optics including resolution and detection limits, signal-to-noise ratio, limitations on temporal dynamics, long term signal stability, sample photodamage and limited penetration, or selective biomolecule sensing. Fundamental research concepts and use-inspired, early prototype research are needed to realize quantum-enabled bioimaging and sensing. Promising approaches could employ photon entanglement, tunneling, quantum correlation, or other quantum phenomena to production and detection of photons or electrons for bioimaging. Applications must enable in situ imaging of live or preserved plant and microbial systems relevant to bioenergy research supported by BER.

A major challenge is to understand how metabolic pathways are organized within topological constraints at the subcellular scale deep within living systems. Techniques to understand the dynamic organismal function, and location of macromolecules involved in these pathways is key towards developing a better understanding of the spatiotemporal dependence of metabolic processes in biological systems at cellular and subcellular levels.