DOJ Research, Evaluation on Promising Reentry Initiatives

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May 5, 2020


DOJ Justice

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DOJ Research and Evaluation on Promising Reentry Initiatives

Project-Specific Information
Offender reentry initiatives provide a variety of services, skills training, and/or therapeutic interventions designed to promote prosocial behavior, reductions in recidivism, and the offenders’ successful reintegration into the community from jail or prison. Given the potential public safety and fiscal implications of an offender’s successful reentry into society, it is critical for correctional stakeholders to know which reentry initiatives are the most efficacious. This solicitation is intended to support research to provide knowledge on best practices to support successful offender reentry, building on prior research funded in part by NIJ.
NIJ is particularly interested in reentry initiatives that began in institutional settings — jails or prisons — and continue after release. NIJ seeks evidence of how best to provide continuity of programming, both in the institution and in the community, that addresses offenders’ criminogenic risks and needs.